Adidas partners up with Qurable to utilize NFTs as awards

Adidas teamed up with the Web3 team “Qurable” in a novel demonstration of non-fungible tokens as collectibles and awards at the same time. Awarded were those who completed the most recent Buenos Aires International Marathon. These athletes will receive a distinctive NFT medal.

It’s always refreshing to witness an NFT project that puts function before profit, as is the case with the remarkable new endeavor made possible by the ground-breaking Qurable platform, in an industry that is dominated by reckless speculation and scams.

Qurable worked under Adidas’ direction to create magnificent new tokens. Each one’s main job is to keep track of the name, occasion, and time of each racer while also unlocking prizes for them to pick up at their neighborhood Adidas shop.

Qurable made the NFT collecting procedure easier by eliminating the barrier of creating and keeping a personal crypto wallet in order to make the scheme available to everyone. Instead, give them access to the tokens through the Qurable interface and give them the choice to transmit the virtual medal to another site.

Therefore, those greatest accomplishments won’t ever again be lost to the passage of time as certificates disintegrate and memories fade. Therefore, those former triumphs may now live on indefinitely, undiminished in their glorious immutability, by making use of the extraordinary power of the blockchain.

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