NFTs change how sports fans bet on rising stars

The sports industry and nonfungible tokens (NFTs) are moving toward the next stage of symbiosis.

The latter drives broader usage as common sports enthusiasts scramble to acquire NFT collectibles and Web3-backed event tickets. While NFTs provide the industry with levels of democracy and connectedness that fans have long desired.

NFTs are being used by the platform FANtium to advance the funding of athletes. Fans may utilize digital assets to place wagers on their preferred future sports heroes’ success.

The ability of young, up-and-coming talent to secure the funding to advance as quickly as possible in exchange for giving investors and fans the chance to be a huge part of their careers and to receive rewards in exchange is one of the biggest problems that we believe this type of platform could solve. Rather than placing a bet and receiving only a monetary reward, NFTs allow fans to connect with athletes and have recurring rewards based on their success.

Despite the fact that success is occasionally difficult to measure, NFTs can produce a set share in the profits and, consequently, an athlete’s success. This is frequently associated with an athlete’s prize money, although it may also represent their sponsorship revenue.

Although Web3 projects in the sports sector have frequently prioritized prominent athletes like NBA superstar LeBron James or major league clubs like FC Barcelona.

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